Shamans the world over do three basic things.

POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL – When a person is having a lot of problems with things not working right, difficulty in relationships, accidents, and chaos in their life, a Shaman will see this as a loss of Power, and will Journey (out of body) into the unseen worlds to find their Power Animal. A Power Animal is not really an animal. It is a highly evolved Spirit Being who appears to us in animal form so that we can relate to them. They are not symbolic animals like those used in Astrology. These are real living Beings who see that we suffer a lot of pain here on earth, and feel great compassion and want to help us. A Power Animal has the power to unblock the path ahead of us, to open doors, and to provide the timing for successful outcomes. The Shaman will find out why the Power Animal left this person, ¬†beg it to come back, and ask for any guidance to give this person so that the Power Animal will stay. Then the Shaman scoops up the Power Animal, returns to the physical world, and blows it into the heart and the crown of the person. Sometimes just retrieving a Power Animal will bring about a dramatic improvement in a person’s life.

SOUL RETRIEVAL РWhen Shamans talk about Soul Retrieval, they are referring to Life Force Energy, not the Soul that the church advises you will go to Heaven or Hell after death. When people experience traumatic events in their lives, sometimes a piece of them, the part that could not deal with the trauma, jumps out of the body. It usually does not come back on its own. A Shaman can journey with the help of their personal Power Animal to find the lost part, and bring it back. Symptoms of Soul Loss are depression, addictions, sleep problems, memory gaps, lowered immune resistance to illness, and  feelings of apathy and not really being present. The Shaman will bring the part or parts back and blow them into the heart and crown of the person. With more of themselves at home, a person is more awake and aware and better able to make wise choices for themselves. Their life begins to improve dramatically.

EXTRACTIONS – When a person has a localized illness, it is believed that an Intrusion (entity or energy of some kind) has entered their body at that place and is feeding on the person’s energy. With the help of a Healing Power Animal, the Shaman is able to pull the intrusion out of the body. It is sort of like having a thorn in your finger. If you don’t pull it out, the finger will swell and fill with pus and be quite painful, but once the thorn that is causing the problem is removed, the body kicks in and heals the finger. Once an Intrusion is removed, the body kicks in and heals itself. Miraculous things can happen. Doctors shrug and say that sometimes there are spontaneous remissions. The patient, who had been told he was terminal with a short time to live, smiles and thanks his Shaman.

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